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dot to dot and colouring-Combo

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Total worksheet : 100

Connect by alphabet

Connect by numbers >20

Connect the dots

Dot to dot dinosur

Cutting practice

Copy coluring

Colour by numbers

Colour by shaps

Alphabet letters colouring

Match colours

Dot to Dot Combo

Rs 99 /- Month $ /- Month


Connect the Alphabets

Connect the Numbers (Level 1)

Connect the Numbers(Level 2)

Connect the Numbers(Level 3)

Connect the Dots

Dot to Dot

Cut and Cast

Dot to Dot Alphabets

Dot to Dot Numbers

Shapes and Objects


Tracing and Writing Combo

Rs 99 /- Month $ /- Month



Number names

Trace the animals

Trace the birds

Trace the shapes

Trace the words

Tamil number names

Sight words tracing (basic level)

Trace the vegetables

Trace the animal names

Trace the insect names

Trace the vehicle names

Trace the weathers

Colors and objects

Shape names

Sentence tracing

Tracing fruits

Tracing Hindi vowels

Coloring Combo

Rs 99 /- Month $ /- Month


Copy and color

Color by number

Color by alphabet

Color the shape

Alphabet Letter Colouring

Number coloring

Match the colors

Complete the picture

Baby and Momma coloring

Choose the colors

Find and circle

Color and complete

Dab coloring alphabets

Dab coloring numbers

Dab coloring objects

Find the number

Dab color the Dinosaur

Dab coloring animals

Picture coloring

English Combo

Rs 99 /- Month $ /- Month


Find the missing letter

Spell and listen

Be clever

Identify and circle the object

Finish the word (Level 1)

Finish the word (Level 2)

Look and match

Identify the picture

Identify the alphabets

Identify the vowels

The right usage of articles

The right usage of demonstrative pronouns

Singular and Plural

Match correctly

Can or Cannot

Yes or No

Match the prepositions

Complete the words

Math Combo

Rs 99 /- Month $ /- Month


Circle the correct time

Identify the correct time

Match the correct time

Draw hands for the clock



Sort and Count

Number and number names

Shape identification Level one

Missing numbers (Level1)


Shape identification Level two

Count by 2s

Count by 3s

Count by 5s

Count by 10s

Number identification

Counting practice

Identify the correct count

Counting and coloring

EVS Combo

Rs 99 /- Month $ /- Month


Pair them up!

Check and circle

Shadow matching

Let's know some living things

Let's know some non-living things

Animals and young ones

Connect the animals

Circle the birds

Circle the fruits

Circle the vegetables

Circle the vehicles

Circle the objects

What next?

Match the following

Match the similar images

Circle the odd one out

Arrange in correct order

Different objects

Same objects

Animals and their home

Reasoning Combo

Rs 99 /- Month $ /- Month


Find the right match (Level 1)

Find the right match (Level 2)

Look at the shadow and match (Level 1)

Look at the shadow and match (Level 2)

Choose the right pattern

Arrow coloring (Level 1)

Arrow coloring (Level 2)

Match the arrows (Level 1)

Match the arrows (Level 2)

Logic table

Complete the picture

Continue with the pattern

Finish the image

Decode and encode

Tamil Combo

Rs 99 /- Month $ /- Month


Agaravarisai ezhuthukkal

Uyir mei ezhuthukal

Uyir ezhuthukal (Level 1)

Mei ezhuthukal (Level 1)

Mei ezhthu pirivugal

Mei ezhuthukal (Level 2)

Kuril and Nedil ezhuthukal

Uyir ezhuthukal (Level 2)

Mudhal ezhuthukal

Mei ezhuthukal (Level 3)


Rs 200 /- Month $ /- Month


Daydreams worksheet

Easy Learn

Rs 500 /- Month $ /- Month


Easy learning

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